Monday, April 13, 2009

Punched In The Heart

You know sometimes when you hear or read really, super shocking news how maybe you have the reaction to say "what" out loud like you're just not sure that's what you really read or heard?

That was pretty much all I could say this morning when I read that Shana Myers, otherwise known as Gorillabuns, had lost Thalon, her beautiful baby boy over the weekend.

It was like a syntax error that the crappy computer in my stupid, little brain refused to process. more Thalon?

What? What?

In the midst of the tears I'm trying to comprehend how God and the universe can take such a handsome little baby away from a mother who loves her family so fiercely.

Shana has the most real-life guts of any Mommy Blogger I've ever read. She has laid it out, honest as can be so the rest of us can see that life isn't about book or movie deals. It's about dealing with whatever happens to you, your husband and your children and still hold on and hang in there even though is doesn't always land "sunny side up".

She bares her heart to us all and her love for her family always comes first and always shines through.

That's what kept me glued the most to reading her blog month after month, that unspun, unabashed, devil-may-care writing of hers. And it always brightened my day when she would take time out and leave comments here.

I don't know what happened to her precious baby. And all I want to do right now is leave my office and drive several thousand miles to her house and pick everyone up in my arms and make their pain go away ... somehow.

How could anyone ever be able to take that sort of horrifying pain away? Was it a syntax error in the universe that deleted that tiny little life? I just don't get it!!!

Please, please, please take this family into your prayers and wishes right now. They are dealing with more than any parents should ever have to for any reason.

If you have the ability to make a donation for hospital and funeral expenses, there is a PayPal account set up here. Just give from your heart.

Thank you.

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