Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Star Hopping On Twitter

Do you Twitter? Have you ever checked to see if any of your favorite celebs Twitter? Oh yeah, I'm sure you have.

I have a THING for James McAvoy.

It began as a mild attraction with "Starter For 10," and grew into a lingering crush during "Becoming Jane," then proceeded to throw me right down on the ground with "Atonement" and "Wanted."

James twitters -- well, he has twittered in the past. Okay, so he's twittered 2 whole times. But he's got 855 followers just because of those 2 sweet tweets. James happens to follow the tweets of several celebrities, including Kevin Smith, who in turn follows Neil Gaiman.

Speaking of Neil, I used to LOVE reading Coraline to Hoodie when he was little and have been dying to see the film version of it. Have you? Is it worth trying to catch at the theaters before it hits video?

Oh yeah, so Neil Gaiman follows A LOT of people, including Emmy Rossum. Emmy follows Pete Wentz, who follows Seth Rogen, who follows Sarah Silverman.

I could keep going and going but most of these celebs actually twitter to their friends than I thought would.

Except James.

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