Wednesday, April 22, 2009

E.T. Phone Home

So today is Earth Day.

Celebrations around the world marking the occasion of paying more attention to our planet and attempting to stave off or even reverse the damage that's been inflicted upon it by mankind for eons. Just a "day" on the calendar that should be marked every single day of the year.

I'm all for trying to save our planet. I worry that there won't be much of it left by the time Hoodie even becomes my age after understanding how quickly it is declining from the era my parents were teens.

Aside from the multitude of recycling and eco-friendly articles online today, I also read some interesting things about planets just outside of our solar system that could host life. And I'm sure "they" (you know, THEM) are already studying these places to see if such planets could become our new homes somewhere down the line.

But what if they are already inhabited? I believe there is life out there in the universe aside from just our big, blue marble. Come on, think of all the billions of planets out there and it's just going to be lucky us to blog about it?

I don't think so.

I also wonder what aliens think of us and our planet when they do an intergalactic drive by. I wonder if they sit in their spacecraft shaking their heads with a sad look in their eyes and say things like, "I remember when this neighborhood was clean and safe. What a shame to see it going downhill so fast. Well, let's get outta here before we get mugged or someone shoots our tires out."

You know, or something like that.

Let's face it, our atmosphere is becoming too toxic, and more sadly than not being able for an alien to give a rat's ass about us, it's beginning to be VERY difficult for our own future generations to thrive here.

This place is all that we and our kids and our grandkids, their grandkids and so on have got. Our technology is a long, long way from teleporting entire civilizations to new planets, so we've got to step it up and push back the damage as fast and far as possible.

Preferable before E.T. starts dialing an interplanetary 911.

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