Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My son is growing up.

I know. I know.

Everyone goes through this. Mothers and fathers everywhere have witnessed the changes come over their babies as they make their transitions into adulthood. Some of those can be subtle undercurrents while others are lightning quick!

This particular baby's voice has changed. Last year, it was still sort of high but about 6 months ago it began to get lower. It never cracked though, not like Peter's did on the Brady Bunch. It reminds me sort of like an old, torch singer's voice.

A few days ago we were both outside and I caught a glimpse of his profile in the autumn sun. In addition to the line of dark hair that's steadily growing on his upper lip, WHISKERS are growing like dandilions on my baby's chin! I think we're going to have to trade in his shaver for a weed-eater!

There's nothing funnier to him than the fact that he's taller than me. Mr. 5 feet and 11 inches thankyouverymuch. He's got the matching feet too.

He laughs at me in a surprisingly non-patronizing way when I tease him and say, "I'm killing my neck just to look up at you to yell, 'Did you take the garbage out yet?!?' or 'Don't take that tone with me, young man!!!'."

And then he leaves to return to his computer or cell phone, while I wipe away the tears.

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