Friday, December 12, 2008

Fast Answer Friday

A blog-less friend email-tagged me with this and I thought it was sort of fun to answer:

What wakes you: Dogs
Your initial look in the mirror reveals: Samsonite
You usually first put on: Lights
Your closet: Nightmare
Your mood before 11am: Manic
The first thing you look at online after email: Blogs
Something you tend to snack on: Everything! (Ask me what I don't eat!)
What you see out your front door: Driveway
Your takeout menus: Memorized
Number of boxes of tissue out in your home right now: Three
The way you sneeze would read: "Ahchoo Ahhhchooo Ahhhchhhhhooooo"
Number of times a day you probably brush your hair: Two
The most predominant thing in your pantry: Beans
A smell commonly coming from your kitchen: Coffee
How you sort your books: Sort?
The way you keep your place in a book: Scrap
Something you hide when people come over: Myself
Number of people normally at your table during dinner: Many
Something you put on your nightstand before bed: I don't put anything on but I take a cat off of it
How high you pull the covers when you go to sleep: Neck

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