Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh Facebook, You're Crazy

I'm a lemming.

I'm a moth.

I am a sheep following the herd and I've been doing that over at Facebook recently.  Originally, I joined to keep in touch with someone whom I've been friends with since high school.  She's a super busy lady with a lot of friends and it really works for her to keep people updated on her life.

I sort of neglected my profile for awhile because that's just the way I know that!  And then I did a short stint on MySpace, but all I wanted to do over there was constantly change my background.  

All in all, they both proved to be diversions from working or writing here and I made the decision to delete the MySpace account and keep up with the Facebook one.

Am I ever glad that I did!  Yes, it's like a virtual reunion of sorts, but some of the people I've been able to re-connect with are folks I would love to get re-aquainted with anyway.  Not to mention it's sort of been responsible for letting me find out that another friend has a secret identity and life!

Well, I guess it's sort of secret, I mean she didn't go out of her way to TELL anyone about it.  I guess you really CAN'T keep a secret with the internet around. HA!

Aaaannnnndddd, I've completely lost the point of this post.


gorillabuns said...

I'm having such a hard time keeping my finger off the refresh button for Facebook. Like I really have all this time to spend waiting for everyone's updates!

Mysh said...

I'm really beginning to think it was created by people who did nothing but create elaborate notes and quizzes in high school! But damn, it's addictive.