Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Randomness Of Being Random

The collar on my J. Crew cardigan is coming unsewn!
Clouds and rain make me happier than sunshine.
Cooked vegetables always make me gassy.
I like Isaac Mizrahi by way of Target shoes.
Places like 99 Cent Stores and DollarTree compel me to overspend!
Hoodie has been in the worst mood constantly.
I've had "Turned To Stone" and "Strange Magic" by Electric Light Orchestra stuck in my head for days now.
I cancelled my MySpace page because it's really not for me.
I should have saved all of this for Twitter. Alas, I found I could not quit THAT so easily.
Zits near eyebrows and corners of the mouth are especially painful.

Your turn, tell me something COMPLETELY random!!

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