Friday, January 30, 2009

Fantastic Finish Friday

Hello everyone!

I just want to give you all a great big HUG and my sincerest THANKS for taking time out of your lives to visit my blog and Etsy shop. Yáll left me some of the SWEETEST comments, I think I could've gone into a sugar coma!

It has been eye-opening and fun for me to see what draws people to certain rings and even though I don't design the actual earring part of the ring, I'm still drawn to certain aspects like color combinations and textures.

So without any further delay, I'd like to announce the winner of my giveaway.

*Trumpets and Applause*

And by my count, that is Andria!!!!

*Confetti and Balloons*

Wooohooooo, yay Andria!!!!!! If you know Andria, you should stop by her blog and congratulate her, okay? :O)

Thanks again to all of you who gave me your opinions and your time. I'd like to invite you back to visit my Etsy shop, Sparkles In Time and splurge a little on yourselves. And I'll give you some incentive too.

Tell you what, if you buy a ring before February 10th and you tell me that you left a comment in my Bloggy Carnival Giveaway that I can see, I'll give you FREE shipping!

YAY! Now yáll can be winners -- which you totally are anyway!

Have a great weekend and GO STEELERS!!! *Cartwheels and Splits* and Oh my achin' back!!!!


gorillabuns said...

so glad to hear your response is so positive!

Andria said...

Thanks so much!!!! I can't wait to wear that little pretty!

fancyfeet48 said...

I like your blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

Mysh said...

Gorillabuns: Thanks, me too! :O)

Andria: I hope you like it!

FancyFeet48: You're welcome. Thanks for reading!