Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blister in the sun

So I guess having unrealistic expectations for myself is something I excel at. 30 days have screamed by and I have not even thought of venturing over here to post on this poor, lonely, dusty blog. sniffle

And then WHAT do I go and do just now? I sign up for 30 days of Naplobomo, that's what! I guess the fumes from the lavender & vanilla Airwick in the office lobby have been getting to me.

I've always said I'm a better blog reader than blog writer, and now I'm challenging myself to what, fail? Well, maybe I shouldn't look at it as failing per se, but dragging myself from behind the safety of non-blogging...and letting it all hang out. snicker

Okay, so maybe it won't ALL hang out, cause that would just be disgusting. But I do want to bring my Friendly Neighborhood butt back here every single day next month and write. It is certain to be crap and garbage, but at least I'll be writing - right?

"and I'm high as kite, I just might stop to check you out."

1 comment:

Amy said...

I have always thought I was really good at commenting on other blogs! But I'm digging on the writing on my own blog lately! I'm doing NaBloPoMo in Nov so hopefully that will really get the juices flowing! Found you on the NaBloPoMo blogroll!