Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why so serious?

Last weekend, my 15 year-old son and I gave in to our movie-needing ways and went to see what all the hub-bub is about Dark Knight.

Let me just say that I haven't felt so depressed leaving a theater since Sweeney Todd! I'm wondering if I'm getting to be too sensitive in my old age? I'm mean, come on...it's Batman for heaven's sake!!

Or maybe I was having a delayed reaction to Ledger's death? Could be. His portrayal of the chaos-loving Joker was entirely too believable. And if you really paid attention, it looked like this film would have been his foray into the big time. Sure, there were many memorable roles he played before, but there was just something about this that made me say, "Wow...look what he can do."

And then I started to analyze the movie and how in the midst of all the car chases and crashes and buildings blowing up, how it kind of asks us all to be what the world needs us to be. And how we all need to endure this life because it really IS darkest just before the dawn. And really, why can't we all be heroes?

And then my son said, "Come on Mom, it's only Batman! Geeze!!"

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